Should I use C# ASP.NET MVC or WPF MVVM?


I have a background in C# WPF MVVM and I've never used ASP.NET before. I know how to use HTML/CSS and have a basic knowledge of JavaScript and jQuery.

What I have now

I've created a C# library that handles resource management.

Application Requirements

I need a GUI application that can be accessed by different remote users, which will instantiate and use the resource management library.

It's not required that users access this application concurrently, but it could be a nice to have.


  • Would have to be stored on a Windows machine, running as an application.
  • Users would have to TeamViewer / Remote login to use the application.


  • Could be easily run on a web server/internal LAN?
  • Could be accessed remotely via URL?
  • Could create a simple login system.


I have a limited time frame to complete this project and I would be able to code all of this relatively easily/quickly using WPF, but ASP.NET seems better suited.

How well do skills transfer from WPF MVVM to ASP.NET MVC? Which framework would be recommended considering the above factors?