Programmatically Add Certificate Exception to Chrome (or other browsers)?

I'm building an install script for an application that handles a lot of the tedious steps involved in setting it up locally (pull all the repos, set up Laravel Homestead (Vagrant, using VirtualBox), pull the configs from remote storage, import the database, etc.)

Homestead creates self-signed certificates for the URLs it generates - which Chrome doesn't like, and throws me a 'your connection is not secure' error. Now, the pain in the behind comes from the fact that we have four urls - including a separate, dedicated assets url - that are generated, so we need to add the certificate exception manually for each URL, and because the certificates are regenerated whenever the Vagrant box is reprovisioned, we need to add the certificate exception every time we reprovision.

Ideally, I'd like to programmatically (using bash) grab these certificates and add them as exceptions to your chosen browser (just Chrome for now).

Is this possible?