VBA Excel SaveAs works on one PC but corrupts file on another

I have written a MACRO that does what I need it to do and the end result is saving a file as finished file and then open that file and run another MACRO.

This script works exactly as I need it to and there are no issues until I try to run this code on another computer.

Here is where the code breaks.

' Note I have tried several file formats.
ocd_wb.SaveAs Filename:="finished file", FileFormat:=xlOpenXMLWorkbook

Set re_wb = Workbooks.Open("finished file")

When I try the above on my Coworkers PC it errors out and when I check the file it is corrupt.

I am not sure what could cause this. Everything I check on the net say to save as various file type. (52, xlOpenXMLWorkbook, xlOpenXMLWorkbookMacroEnabled). None of which work. Note that all of those formats work on my PC just fine so I am not sure it is an issue with the file type.

Update: We both have Office 2010 so its not a version issue.