Coding ios application with windows system without crossplatform can be successfull?

I got an interview where I was asked to code a given app in IOS. I only have a windows system and not a MAC device. I researched for trying ios app development in windows system. As I am not familiar with ReactNative or similar, within the limited time, Is there any option to develop IOS app in windows system?

thanks in advance

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  • answered 2018-10-21 10:54 Reza Dehnavi

    There are a lot of ways to develop the iOS app in none Macintosh system likewise Windows or Linux.
    1) Install and run macOS on Virtual Machine like VM Ware.
    2) Rent and use Macintosh on cloud service like macincloud
    3) Use Hackintosh for install macOS on your PC.
    Note: all of the above ways is not recommended from Apple. and if you have a Macintosh system you can run Android and iOS simulator together and may be concurrent (it depends on specific Macintosh system like MacBook Pro)