How can I show options after LongClick?

I need to program something like the image:


When I long click a item in a ListView two options appear in the toolbar, to delete the item or cancel the action.

I want to make exactly like that, I do not want a context menu (which I know how to do).

Is it possible to do this with simple code? If no, can I accomplish that manipulating the toolbar? How can I do that?

PS: I can only use native code.

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  • answered 2018-11-05 16:18 Ramesh Yankati

    You need to use contextual Action Mode Over Toolbar.For Using Action Mode we need to extend our class with ActionMode.Callback. Its a Callback interface for action modes. Supplied to startSupportActionMode(Callback) (Callback)}, a Callback configures and handles events raised by a user’s interaction with an action mode.You need to override following method.

        onCreateActionMode(ActionMode, Menu) once on initial creation.
        onPrepareActionMode(ActionMode, Menu) after creation and any time the ActionMode is 
        onActionItemClicked(ActionMode, MenuItem) any time a contextual action button is 
        onDestroyActionMode(ActionMode) when the action mode is closed.