Get Solr documents that include only a specific set of values

I have a Solr collection with a multiValued field "myField". I want to fetch documents where myField contains values from a specific set, and nothing else.

So for example, from the following set of documents:

{ "title": "Doc 1", "myField": ["A", "B"] },
{ "title": "Doc 2", "myField": ["A", "C"] },
{ "title": "Doc 3", "myField": ["A"] }

I want to fetch the documents where all the values in myField are within the set ("A", "B"), which means "Doc 1" and "Doc 3", but not "Doc 2" because "Doc 2" also has "C" in myField.

Currently I'm getting the results I want by excluding documents where myField contains specific values. I.e. in this case: -myField:C

This problem with this approach is that it only works when all the values that need to be excluded are known ahead of time. Is there a way to flip this logic around so that I can query for only specific values to be included instead?