Why is androidx espresso .check() causing androidx.test.espresso.IdlingResourceTimeoutException

I have some unit tests using androidx Espresso Every time I run the test I get the following error.

androidx.test.espresso.IdlingResourceTimeoutException: Wait for [WorkTrackerIdlingResource] to become idle timed out

Why am I getting timed out?

Its timing out on this line of code in my unittests, onView(withId(R.id.map_container)).check(matches(isDisplayed()));

Unit Test Class:

public class CanvassFragmentTest extends TopLevelNavFragmentTest<CanvassFragment> {
    protected TopLevelNavFragment getTargetTopLevelNavFragment(@NonNull MainActivity activity) {
        return activity.mCanvassFragment;

    public void mapContainer_isDisplayed() {


And the xml which has the view we are trying to test.



        app:layout_behavior="com.google.android.material.bottomsheet.BottomSheetBehavior" />

I've tried changing the idlepreferences so that the timeout is 5 minutes and I still get the error.


as request I'm adding the code were I add onTransitionToIdle at the bottom of this class bellow

public class WaitForWorkRule implements TestRule {

    public Statement apply(Statement base, Description description) {
        return new Statement() {
            public void evaluate() throws Throwable {
                WorkTrackerIdlingResource idler = new WorkTrackerIdlingResource();
                try {
                } finally {

     * @hide visible for injection
    public static class WorkTrackerIdlingResource implements IdlingResource {

        private static final String TAG = WorkTrackerIdlingResource.class.getSimpleName();

        WorkTracker mWorkTracker;

        ResourceCallback mResourceCallback;

        public WorkTrackerIdlingResource() {

        public String getName() {
            return TAG;

        public boolean isIdleNow() {
            boolean idle = !mWorkTracker.isAnyoneWorking();
            if (idle && mResourceCallback != null) mResourceCallback.onTransitionToIdle();
            return idle;

        public void registerIdleTransitionCallback(@Nullable ResourceCallback callback) {
            mResourceCallback = callback;

And this is the code were we register it as a rule.

    public final RuleChain mRuleChain;

    public UiTest(@NonNull Class<T> activityClass) {
    mActivityTestRule = new ActivityTestRule<>(activityClass);
    mRuleChain = createRuleChain();

private RuleChain createRuleChain() {
    RuleChain chain = RuleChain.emptyRuleChain()
            .around(new InjectionRule())
            .around(new WaitForWorkRule());

    if (loggedIn()) {
        chain = chain.around(new LoggedInRule());

    return chain.around(mActivityTestRule);

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  • answered 2018-11-08 20:30 Aaron

    Here's a brief explanation why your test always time out: you set a test rule that registers an idling resource before test begins, then when your activity starts, the main thread becomes busy. Generally, the test will continue when the main thread becomes idle, but your idling resource now blocks it and does not call onTransitionToIdle. So no matter how much time you set, it will always time out.

    I think your usage of idling resource here may be not useful or incorrect. If there's no use case for it, you can take the rule out and it should work fine.