Google Analytics registers twice as many users on Android than expected?

I recently started promoting my app, which has significantly increased the number of new installs and daily users. However, when I compare the numbers of iOS and Android, something weird is going on.

On Android, through Google Analytics, I see more than double the amount of users than installs (data from Google Play) - which wouldn't be weird for an app that has had a very stable usage, but in this case, there are way more individual users than there have ever been installs.

On iOS, you can see how the number of installs was lower than the daily number of users, but with the promotion it actually increases and briefly becomes more (some users installing but not immediately opening the app). This is more in line with what I expected, with a high amount of new users installing and trying out the app, and only a part of them coming back later to use it again.

So my question is: is my assumption correct that Android is overcounting the number of users in Google Analytics? And if so, any ideas on how to correct this? I have been looking for similar questions on this site but none were about the same problem I"m having right now.

Let me know what you think!

Here's a chart with the number of installs, users and sessions for both platforms: Installs, users and sessions