Automatiing Blob Trigger on Logic App with ARM Templates

I have the following (partial) template. The template also creates a storage account with and a blob container.

The question is, how do I obtain the folderId?

I have tried with resourceId of the blob container but either I'm doing something wrong or I'm going down the wrong track as it's not working.

The JTJmZ2kgx2RhdFE= value was added when I manually created the Logic App.

Any ideas?

"triggers": {
            "When_a_blob_is_added_or_modified_(properties_only)": {
                "inputs": {
                    "host": {
                        "connection": {
                            "name": "@parameters('$connections')['blob']['connectionId']"
                    "method": "get",
                    "path": "/datasets/default/triggers/batch/onupdatedfile",
                    "queries": {
                        "folderId": "JTJmZ2kgx2RhdFE=",
                        "maxFileCount": 10
                "metadata": {
                    "JTJmZ2kgx2RhdFE=": "/data",
                "recurrence": {
                    "frequency": "Day",
                    "interval": 1
                "splitOn": "@triggerBody()",
                "type": "ApiConnection"