Tkinter dropdown recommended results with API request very slow

My search bar is extremely inefficient, I use a tkinter entry widget and the StringVar trace method to call a function when the user types anything.

The problem is the search bar is very slow as it's making an API call and waiting for the response which can take some 200ms and interrupt the user inputting the search request.

Is there any way to separate the functions, so that when the user inputs a character for example the next character isn't delayed by the function waiting for data to be returned?

I've seen some examples but I can't quite make the applicable with my code, such as threading.

Here is the relevant portion of code.

    def searchfocus(self, event):
        self.searchInput = StringVar()
        self.searchInput.trace("w", lambda *args: self.searchlive(self.searchInput.get()))

        self.searchEntry = Entry(self.searchcanvas, bg="#f4f4f4", highlightthickness=0, bd=0,
                             font = "Arial 16", fg='#434343', textvariable=self.searchInput)

    def searchlive(self, livesearch):

        url_request = ''+api_key
        print(url_request % livesearch)
        r = requests.get(url_request % livesearch)
        data = r.json()

        retList = data['bestMatches']