Wordpress Plugin Install Failed - "Could not copy file" message

I'm building a new website, and have downloaded a premium plugin from the vendor's site. When I go to install the plugin, I get the message: "Could not copy file. /home/dpmtut/public_html/wp-content/plugins/divi-bars/includes/php-libraries/Browscap/Cache/cache.php"

I have opened the installer zip file and all the files contained within appear to be complete and not corrupted.

Since I am uploading the installer zip from my computer, I don't see how there could be any permission issues. I have also installed several other plugins from the WP repository, so I know the install process works.

Does anyone have a clue why I cannot install this one?

ADDITIONAL INFO: I have the very latest version of WordPress, the very latest version of the Divi theme, and the latest version of the subject plugin, DiviBars. My web host uses all SSDs. Everything else seems to be working properly.