nginx stopped serving index publicly after installing php

Nginx was serving a index.html fine from /var/www/test/html/ from within the server and also when I curl'd the ip and port like some-ip:8889. Then I installed php because I was going to try serving a php file. After this point I could not curl some-ip:8889 and it was also serving a apache help file instead of the default nginx file when I went to http://some-ip. Here is the /etc/nginx/sites-available/test file:

server {
    listen 8889;
    listen [::]:8889;

    root /var/www/test/html;
    index index.html;


    location / {
            try_files $uri $uri/ =404;

Also I linked sites-available/test to sites-enabled/test. Any ideas how I can serve the index again on port 8889?