Tomcat Uninstall Using Control Panel-Tomcat Service not deleted

  1. I installed tomcat 9.0.12 using Windows Installer .exe on windows server 2016. It was running fine on port 8080. I had also logged into tomcat service using server admin credentials, not local system.

  2. I wanted to run on port 80 so made the required changes in server.xml but no effect. I reverted the changes(had backed up server.xml).

  3. So I stopped the tomcat service, tried uninstalling using uninstall exe present in tomcat directory but it it prompted me:

No service name specified to uninstall. This will be provided automatically if you uninstall via Add/Remove Programs or the shortcut on start menu. Alternatively, call the installer from the command line with -ServiceName=""

  1. Therefore, I uninstalled tomcat from Add/Remove Programs but tomcat9w.exe in tomcat/bin was not deleted nor was the service Apache Tomcat 9.0 Tomcat9 from services. The service is showing up as disabled in services.msc. Due to this, I cannot reinstall tomcat as the tomcat installer says service by same name already exists.

What would be the best way to install tomcat now?