Logout in SAPUI5 application

I want to redirect a user to Logout page after he clicks on logout. I have got it till here and redirect works. On this log out page, I want to show a link that will take the user back to login page.

Cannot hard code the link, as the code will be moved through different environments like QA, Prod etc, link will be application link will be different.

Note: I did read few blogs and saw one particular answer using ajax where we have to call some /sap/public/bc/icf/logoff but it throws error to me.

Reference : Logoff/Logout function for a UI5 Apllication


onLogout: function(oEvent) {
        sap.m.URLHelper.redirect("logout.html", false);


         <h2><span>You have been logged off.</span></h2>
    //Here want to say "Click here to login again" (Making here as a href...)