Keep Constant Columns h2o

I'm trying to implement a gradient boosting machine model using R's h2o package. However, the model keeps dropping a certain column that I know from other model build ups that this column is important.

 Warning message:
    In .h2o.startModelJob(algo, params, h2oRestApiVersion) :
      Dropping bad and constant columns:['mycolumn']

How do I stop h2o from dropping this column? Here is what I tried:

gbm_fit<-h2o.gbm(x,y,train_set,nfolds = 10,
                 ntrees = 250,
                 learn_rate = 0.15,
                 max_depth = 7,
                             validation_frame = validate_set,seed = 233,
                ignore_const_cols = F

1 answer

  • answered 2018-11-08 10:32 Oliver

    Make sure the column class is correct and accepted by the function.