What are FREE API sources available for Historical Realtime Intraday ,Daily data for financial market in Open ,High,Low,Close value

After the yahoo finance and google, finance services deprecated it is too hard to find realtime API for the financial market. Search over the internet only consumes time and not good results.

What are the sources available that is giving realtime (Historical) intraday 1minute , 1hour, 2hour ,4hour,8hour,12hour,Daily data that can be used for data analysis. Note that the data should be realtime not after market closing we should get data as quandl.com providing.

Please post your answers with clear details what is supported and what is not supported for the below segment .

Cryptocurrencies Forex Pairs Commodity - UKOIL ,BRENT,GOLD,SILVER,Natural Gas US Stocks

In my search i have found this is bit useful but i could not find any for US and Commodity Markets.And Forex data is not accurate . Please note that when we fetch the historical data it should give realtime ,upto this minute latest updated OHLC data .It can be in JSON and Pandas Dataframe or CSV format .Do not post the website which shows data .We need API support.

Following are my some details where we can get real-time data.



-Cryptocurrency that supports all major Exchange like BINANCE, BITFINEX etc. 1H,D with historical real-time data available.

Stocks and Forex


Only 5 request per minute and 500 request per day possible . 1m ,5min,30min,60min,daily realtime historical data available but not matching with any Exchange .

Commodity For USOIL,UKOIL,BRENT,SILVER,GOLD I do not find any .

If you have found good API which is free or with very less cost with more accuracy share the details here especially for US market and Commodity Markets.