Netbeans JAX-WS Client [ERROR] A class/interface with the same name

My WSDL URL is URLhttp:// I want to generate java client in netbeans from the mentioned wsdl. But it gives a class/interface with the same name is already in use, use a class customization to resolve this conflict. I cant resolve this problem. But I could do it in cmd with the following comand:

wsimport -s 
D:\PROJECTS\WS\my_path  -B-XautoNameResolution

After that I got all generated java code in netbeans, and trade code and got a Soap fault exception.

Just i want resolve this problem in netbeans and use customization xml file or other files to generate it ,because netbeans was unable to genare it. How can I generate this WDSL as java client without any issue?