How to get the Transformed value of a FrameLayout after scaling in Xamarin.Android

How can I get the exact X and Y value of the tilelayer (FrameLayout) after scaling? I need the TopLeft Corner X and Y value after scaling or zooming the FrameLayout.

Please help me to get the values in Xamarin.Android.

I have a OSM map, this is FrameLayout. I've added tilelayer (FrameLayout) with tiles which is an ImageView to the map(FrameLayout). Now I'm scaling or zooming the framelayout.

I have used GetLocationOnScreen for the parent and child view to get the exact location.
I got the exact location up to zoomlevel 2. In zoomlevel 3, we have removed some tiles, the tile starts from 2,1 in this , I got the wrong values in GetLocationOnScreen. It returns that tile position, but I need the transformed value after scaling.

Or maybe is there any other way to find the exact location of the FrameLayout after scaling?

    int[] childView = new int[2];
    int[] rootView = new int[2];

    foreach (var tile in TileLayer.Tiles)


    int topLeftX = childView[0] - rootView[0];
    int topLeftY = childView[1] - rootView[1];