How to download the Test plan/ case in Kiwi TCMS

KIWI TCMS has a feature to print the test plan or test cases. Is there any feature like that to download the test plan or test cases in any of xml,csv,json formats?

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  • answered 2018-11-08 08:26 Alexander Todorov

    No, there is no such feature in Kiwi TCMS and there will not be.

    To be more precise, Kiwi TCMS used to have export to XML and we have removed it. The reason is that XML, CSV, JSON are all machine readable formats and they are intended to facilitate interaction between different computing systems. The available API interface can be used to achieve the same. Also using the API (via your own script) will give you much more flexibility and control over what kind of information you can export from Kiwi TCMS and push to another system.

    That said we're not planning on adding back "export". However if there is something that is missing from the API we can add it.

    That said I am interested to know why do you want the "export" functionality ? What are you trying to do ?