Do ifstream or istringstream have issues processing tabs?

I'm trying to process fragments of a text file that look like this:

    Jane Doe
    3 1 5 12

Lines 2-5 begin with a tab. The last line will have an arbitrary number of integers separated by spaces. I'm store all of this information in appropriate variables, with the last line in a vector. Here's what I've tried so far:

int id;
    ifile >> id;
    string name;
    getline(ifile, name);
    int year;
    ifile >> year;
    int zip;
    ifile >> zip;
    vector<int> friends;
    string friends_str;
    getline(ifile, friends_str);
    istringstream iss(friends_str);
    int x_id;
    while (iss >> x_id) {

Am I missing anything about how tabs are dealt with? Is my approach with istringstream good for this situation, since the last line will have an unknown number of integers? Am I missing any trivial mistakes?