What is the django query to find the records where the searching date is between two columns are not?

"select * from resource_management 
 where ('2015-11-08' between employee_effective_start_date and
                             employee_effective_end_date )"

I want the above sql query to be executed using Django orm(QUERYS) can anyone please help me how it should be framed in Django. Is it using annotation!

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  • answered 2018-11-08 07:36 schwobaseggl

    No annotations needed. Assuming employee_effective_start_date and employee_effective_end_date are (date) fields of a ResourceManagement model, something as trivial as


    will work. If you want to be as locale and db independent as possible you can replace '2015-11-08' by 'datetime(2015, 11, 8)'.