Latex double quote without triggering an umlaut

I have a little bit of a problem with a written assignment in german. I have a definition I need to quote, which starts with an "A". I guess it gets replaced by babel package to look like an "Ä".

Minimal example:


\usepackage[top=2.5cm, right=2.5cm, bottom=2.5cm, left=2.5cm]{geometry}




\todo[inline, color=yellow!30]{\textit{\"Antisemitismus}


Is there any way I miss here, to prevent Babel package to replace the "A" in this specific instance? As you can see I tried with a backslash for masking the double quote, but it didn't work for me.

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  • answered 2018-11-08 08:10 sr_steinkamp

    The ngerman documentation provides an answer to this in the section Sonderzeichen. As you realized the " are overwritten in babel. However, you can use for example:

        \textit{\glqq Antisemitismus\grqq} % Double quotation marks
        \textit{\glq Antisemitismus\grq} % Single quoation marks
        \textit{\dq Antisemitismus\dq} % Double upper quotation marks.

    Note the former two versions use the german formatting, where quotation marks start at the bottom of the line.

    Hope this helps!