Jackson @JsonProperty inside nested object return null value

I have a problem using @JsonProperty inside nested object. Thi is an example of my json:

    "raw": {
        "dlc": "ff",
        "can_id": "aabbccdd",
        "can_data": "0011223344556677"

    "meta": {
        "vin": "ZFFG9358",
        "uuid": "7f337f369e966",
        "transceiver_ts_us": 987654321,
        "decoder": "mmcoc",     
        "decoder_ts": "2018-08-25T14:47:02Z",  
        "tbox_ts": "2018-08-25T14:39:02Z",
        "tbox_seqno": 98745676432,
        "tbox_protocol_version": "v0.1"

So I have three class: The main class

public class Message implements java.io.Serializable{

    private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

    private String id;

    private Raw raw;

    private Meta meta;


The raw class:

public class Raw {

    private String dlc;

    private String canId;

    private String canData;

And the meta class:

public class Meta {

    private String vin;

    private String uuid;

    private Long transceiver_ts_us;

    private String decoder;

    private String decoderTs;

    private String tboxTs;

    private Long tboxSeqno;

    private String tboxProtocolVersion;

If I don't use @JsonProperty all work fine(for example transceiver_ts_us is without just for test and it works), otherwise the fields are null. Do you know why? I've tried also without lombok