How to compile powerdns with oracle backend

As stated in the documentation trying to complie pdns-4.1.5 with oracle backend on Oracle Linux 7 like this: ./configure --prefix=/opt/pdns --with-modules=oracle --with-oracle-includes=$ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/public --with-oracle-libs=$ORACLE_HOME/lib --with-lua --with-luajit Configuration goes well, but when I make it get the following error:

CXX oraclebackend.lo In file included from oraclebackend.hh:78:18: error: 'std::vector<std::basic_string<char> > OracleBackend::getDomainMasters(const DNSName&, int)' marked override, but does not override vector<string> getDomainMasters(const DNSName& domain, int zoneId) override; ^ oraclebackend.hh:88:8: error: 'bool OracleBackend::feedRecord(const DNSResourceRecord&, DNSName)' marked override, but does not override bool feedRecord(const DNSResourceRecord &rr, const DNSName ordername) override;

Tried both with 18c libs and headers and 11g. So is there a way to solve this? Thanks.