How to clone HtmlElement in C# WinForms application?

In a C# WinForms application I'm using a Web browser control in which i view some HTML designs.

I could change html element attributes through code then edit.

However, i could not clone html element to re-add them to html page again. I tried following code :

            HtmlElement old_element = WebBrowser1.Document.GetElementById("element1");
            HtmlElement new_element = my_element;
            new_element.Style = "background-color:orange;";
            my_element.Parent.InnerHtml += new_element.OuterHtml;

When running code background color is applied to both old_element and new_element.

I want changes to be applied only to new_element while preserving old element as it is.

Is that possible without dealing with element html as text ?