Can a file copy be detected on windows?

I want to trigger a piece of code to run as soon as a 'copy' command is executed on Windows. Let's say I want to perform some operations as soon as the user tries to copy a file. Is there any way to detect the 'copy' operation on Windows?

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  • answered 2018-11-08 09:01 xmojmr

    You may monitor the clipboard (see Creating a Clipboard Format Listener) and check if there is an object with format CF_HDROP in it. But it will not tell you when the clipboard paste operation actually started.

    This also will not cover copying which does not involve clipboard, like direct file_read/file_write loop in a File Manager application. For this you may monitor changes in the file system (see How can I monitor a Windows directory for changes?) but it will not tell you where was the file copied from, just where was it pasted to.