User Web Control .NET - How to populate checkboxList using property

I need to Create a User Web Control (named: MultiTask) in .NET web application. For now I created a ascx file with html elements + asp web controls. To simplifying example it looks like that:

<div id="container" class="form">
 <label type="text">SOME TEXT</label>
 <asp:CheckBoxList ID="CheckboxListToPopulate" runat="server"></asp:CheckBoxList

Now I want to create a property (named: PopulateCheckBoxList) for User Web Control that allows me to populate my CheckBoxList from data source.

Public property PopulateCheckBoxList(options)
 ///recomended solution
 For each item in options
End Property

In my aspx.vb file I want to call it like:

MultiTask.CheckboxListToPopulate = SomeDataSource

I never did User Web Control and I'm not sure how to acheive that Could you help me please? (It does not matter if it will be in C# or VB.)