How to Roll the Dice

can someone explain this to me? I don't understand about javascript think, so i will put the formula here. Thanks

Two strings are created :
For your last roll :
STRING1 = "232:90ae772c1cae8be4e4489f3fc63808e8e114cadcdf9b0a0a85ae6f97179cf395:232"
STRING2 = "232:yqT8rO0uYLvv6CIm:232"

Then HMAC-SHA512 is used to hash STRING1 with STRING2 as the secret key, giving us a 128 character hex string.

The first 8 characters of the hex string are taken and converted to a decimal.

This decimal is then divided by 429496.7295 and rounded off to the nearest whole number.

This whole number is used as your roll, with the maximum possible value being 10,000.