How to setup QT Creator to use Autodesk FBX SDK as a library?

The Qt documentation for QMesh at the following link,, shows that QMesh supports FBX when using the Autodesk FBX SDK. It provides no resource about how to go about setting this up, so I searched and found 1 resource on setting up the FBX SDK with Qt Creator at the following link:

I tried the above solution, but when I try to load the QMesh I still get a Debug warning that: Qt3D.Renderer.Jobs: unsupported format encountered (fbx)

This is my code, which works for .obj files

Qt3DRender::QMesh* handMesh = new Qt3DRender::QMesh();

I'm not sure if the "fbx geometry loader plugin is built and found" which according the Qt documentation is needed. I put the proper reference to the library in my .pro, but as far as I can tell setSource still doesn't know to utilize FBX files.