can't connect to AWS EC2 instances, although routing seems correct

i used AWS in the past (2014-2015), no issues at all. Then i switched to Digital Ocean. Now the new t3 instances look very interesting, so i launched some, but i can't connect.

I did the official troubleshooting guide ( and still, no connections are possible.

Inbound SSH traffic from my IP addresses is enabled in the Security Group, and all outbound traffic.

The VPC has a Route Table that is connected to an Internet Gateway.

The Network ACL allows incoming and outgoing traffic from all IP addresses.

The guide says "If you have completed these steps and you are still unable to connect to your EC2 instance, make sure the SSH daemon is running on the EC2 instance, and that it is configured to listen on the default port (TCP 22).", but i tried several fresh instances, RHEL and Ubuntu, they should listen on 22.

... what else could be wrong?

Would appreciate any help a lot, thanks in advance!

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  • answered 2018-11-11 16:28 Arjuna Bandara

    Are you working on a proxy? Is SSH daemon running on the EC2 instance?

    Try to connect by disabling firewall temporarily.

    this page has steps