How to use both TapGestureRecognizers and Effects in Xamarin Forms at the same control at same time?

I need to use TapGestureRecognizer and Long Press effect at Grid at the same time. I need to implement two different functionality one is at long press and one is at tapgesture. I implemented the tapgesture and longpress on grid and its working fine in ios. But in android only tapgesture is working. But if I remove tapgesture then long press effect start working.

How can I make it so that both can work at same time ?

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  • answered 2018-11-15 06:02 anand

    I have fixed this issue. Now I am using Effects for both LongPress and Tap event. Previously I was using an Effect for LongPress and TapGestureRecognizer for Tap event. Now for both I am using Effect and it's working great in both android and ios.