Incorrect parsing response from feign client

I have a simple Feign client:

serviceId = "${com.service}",
fallbackFactory = AccountFeignServiceClient.AccountFallBackFactory.class)
public interface AccountFeignServiceClient {

  ResponseEntity<AccountDto> getUser(@PathVariable("id") String id);

Method in another server:

@GetMapping(value = "/users/{id}")
ResponseEntity<?> getUser(@PathVariable(value = "id") String id) {
  return ok(...);

Problem is that AccountDto have only null fields. After debag I found the following reason for this behavior. If i get the response in in feign client of type string it will be like:


But if i get the response of type ResponseEntity<?> i will get this: enter image description here

You can see it have double body and i have no ideas why. With type ResponseEntity<?> i expect response like:

enter image description here