Woocommerce product variation with different tax classes

I am trying to set up, in Woocommerce, variable products with different tax classes. The case is the following: - a PRODUCT called "Prod.A" has the VAT of 22% and costs €1+VAT "Prod.A" = €1+22%VAT

a VARIATION called "Var.1" has the VAT of 0% and costs €2+VAT "Var.1" = €2+0%VAT

An user can buy:

OPTION 1 "Prod.A" alone where VAT is 22% OPTION 2 "Prod.A"+"Var.1" where VAT is 22%*€1+0%*2

Considering I can set up only one tax class for each OPTION, how can calculate taxes with right percentage or tax class?

Many thanks.