How can to import a CSV file into SQLite via an Android App

Im new to the database management in Android Studio so, I'm not sure if what i want to ask is possible so, here we go:

I want to create an app for attendance registering that reads a value from a QR code, takes that value and compare it with other values in a table and if it exists in that table (A), I want to insert the readed value and the time when it was registered in other table (B).

So, the thing i want to know is if i can do the import of the table "A" or "Master" (Wich is the one that will store all the data to compare) directly on the app, inside an activity on the app (This because the app is going to be used every year, and every year there will be different people = different data).

Im very new into Android Studio programming so excuse me if im asking something so directly. Thank you all people.