iOS Xcode distribution cant upload App for review - no access

I am a developer part of a team and I can't upload our app to iTunes Connect from Xcode.

Error from archive: enter image description here

I have a company developer account (ocularLogic). I am part of another company as well where I have an admin role. I am uploading the app with ID 1446905085 for the client from my computer using Xcode. I have downloaded provisioning profiles and key chain access for development so why can't I upload the app????

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  • answered 2019-01-11 05:26 Packy

    I was able to upload successfully. The trick is to be added as a user to both the "Developer Account" AND "iTunes Connect". I was part of the developer team to create profiles, ect but I was not added as a user to their iTunes Connect. I would assume they were one of the same but I guess not.