Importing modules with new version of Plunker

I have recently started to play with the new version of Plunker (using ES6 import statements, so bear with me :D) and I don't seem to be capable of get a simple AngularJS application up and running with the npm module angular-ui-bootstrap.

I don't really understand what is Plunker doing under the hood to load my modules. It seems it is not capable of importing the corresponding one (angular-ui-bootstrap). I have followed all instructions I found on the NPM page for the package but I'm missing something because I assume I have to import this package somehow as it doesn't work. I also checked the source code for the package because I'm kind of new with NPM but no luck either.

Thanks in advance for your time :)

TLDR; How to import the angular-ui-bootstrap package using import statements in the new version of Plunker?


NPM angular-ui-bootstrap

Package source code

My ongoing unsuccessful Plunker