Collapsing Google Adsense Divs

I have read a number of discussions on this, however most are related to using Google Publisher Tags and not responsive ads.

I have set responsive ads from within Adsense to "Collapse this adunit, otherwise show a blank space"

The problem is that my first ad unit on the page always shows a blank 280x300 blank space on mobile devices.

All of the other adspaces collapse as expected. I tried to remove the top advertisement (above the fold). When I do this, the 2nd ad unit (which is now the 1st) is showing a large 280x300 blank space.

It will initially be collapsed on load, then quickly expands to show a blank space.

I have tested this on both samsung browser and chrome mobile browser. This is creating a problem as I now have a large blank space above the fold. I have also set my adsense display balance to 60% so a blank adspace happens frequently.

I am using the following code (fairly standard adsense code)

<div class="bottommargin-sm">
    <ins class="adsbygoogle"
            (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

The only solution I have seen is this however this is not for responsive ads that I have setup

Other things I have tried include: loading a dummy ad unit first with display set to none, disabling async, changing parent div to row/container-fluid. Disabling Addthis/OneSignal plugins, disabling cloudflare rocketloader, adding 100%/auto width/height, adding overflow:hidden to parent div. Surround the window.adsbygoogle code with window.onload = function(){.

Another option I thought I could try would be to migrate to DoubleClick and I assume they would have away to manage this situation?