youtube-dl direct url access denied

I am using Node-Youtube-DL in order to extract direct download URLs of videos from youtube.

However, when calling getInfo method and obtaining all the links from formats, on some videos(not all) I do not have access to the direct video link. When trying to load the link into my browser, I simply get: image

Has anyone encountered this issue and know how it can be fixed? Also, do those links, if they work, have an expiration date? I.e. 1 hour after link generation, it will no longer be valid.

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  • answered 2019-02-10 13:13 Terry Lennox

    I suspect there may be multiple reasons why the links don't work. I can definitely find some urls that give me the same issue, this one for example:

    In some cases I believe the video link will only work in some countries and not others. Music videos in particular seem to be affected, which would give some support to this idea.

    Also I notice that the links that work have a &signature=xxxx parameter in the url. If you modify this signature link or remove it you'll get the 403 error. The Video links that do not work seem not to contain a signature parameter.

    The Node-Youtube-DL GitHub project has some interesting discussions of the problem, for example, here: