how to display contents of text file one line at a time via timer using python on windows?

this is the code.

def wndProc(hWnd, message, wParam, lParam):
    if message == win32con.WM_PAINT:
        hdc, paintStruct = win32gui.BeginPaint(hWnd)

        dpiScale = win32ui.GetDeviceCaps(hdc, win32con.LOGPIXELSX) / 60.0
        fontSize = 36

        lf = win32gui.LOGFONT()
        lf.lfFaceName = "Times New Roman"
        lf.lfHeight = int(round(dpiScale * fontSize))
        #lf.lfWeight = 150
        # Use nonantialiased to remove the white edges around the text.
        # lf.lfQuality = win32con.NONANTIALIASED_QUALITY
        hf = win32gui.CreateFontIndirect(lf)
        win32gui.SelectObject(hdc, hf)

        rect = win32gui.GetClientRect(hWnd)
            **'Glory be to the Father, and to the son and to the Holy Spirit.',**
            win32con.DT_CENTER | win32con.DT_NOCLIP | win32con.DT_VCENTER
        win32gui.EndPaint(hWnd, paintStruct)
        return 0

.where it says the "glory be to the father.." prayer I would like that string to actually display a few different prayers on a timer. what I mean is I want to save short prayers to a text file and have the line where it says "glory be.." to change to a new prayer every 60 seconds cycling through a few prayers such as the serenity prayer etc.