HERE Places API: incorrect data in response

We’ve found a problem with a response we get using a /places/v1/autosuggest request with the Places API. Request:

We search for the Empire State Building in New York (landmark-attraction) and get this response, please check:

You’ll see the title and vicinity are correct, but if you look at the “href" and “id" you can see these aren’t, as those are for a restaurant named "State Grill and Bar":


id: 840dr5ru-f494d331f0204d89bef762a8fdc04049

Does anyone know why we get the wrong href and id for the place, is this something on HERE's end?

1 answer

  • answered 2019-03-14 09:07 HERE Developer Support

    Thank you for reporting this issue. Our team is already on it. We shall keep you updated once the problem is fixed. You can also report wrong content using the MapCreator portal: