Angular 7 EventSource keeps fetching the stream indefinitely

I'm using Spring Webflux on my server-side to return a Flux of objects. When I access the endpoint via the browser it works as expected, I get the 5 objects then the stream stops.

However when attempting to do it via Angular EventSource the stream seems stuck on 'repeat' for lack of a better word. How do I tell the EventSource to stop requesting more items when they've all been sent from the server?

The code is simple, but I've never used Angular for event sourcing before.


@Injectable({providedIn: 'root'})
export class VideoSourceService {

  private videoDataSource: BehaviorSubject<Array<Video>> = new BehaviorSubject([]);

  videoData = this.videoDataSource.asObservable();

  startVideoStream(source: string) {
    const eventSource = new EventSource(source + "/videos");

    eventSource.addEventListener('message', message => {[...this.videoDataSource.value, JSON.parse(message["data"])]);


  selector: 'app-videos',
  templateUrl: './videos.component.html',
  styleUrls: ['./videos.component.scss']
export class VideosComponent implements OnInit {
  videos$: Observable<Video[]>;

  constructor(public videoSourceService: VideoSourceService) {


  ngOnInit(): void {

    this.videos$ = this.videoSourceService.videoData;

and just for completeness, my backend method:

@GetMapping(value = "videos", produces = MediaType.TEXT_EVENT_STREAM_VALUE)
public Flux<Video> getVideos() {

    return videoRepository.findAll();

As the backend works as expected in Chrome, I'm assuming the issue is somewhere with my Angular code?

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  • answered 2019-04-15 06:15 Chris Turner

    Turns out it was a simple issue, you need to manually close the connection when you're done with it.

      startVideoFavoriteStream(source: string) {
        eventSource.onerror = () => {

    does the trick.