how to post base64string data to webview with url?

I'm working on payment gateway where i want to pass some data in encryption hash format with hash_hmac sha512 after that convert the output using Base64. I have url to post with generated base64 string data into webview.

i'm new to aba payment. i've tried to post data and it always gives error like 403 forbidden error..

i expect the way or code to post data in webview with url.

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  • answered 2019-04-15 06:26 Ajay Mehta - Rlogical

    If you want to post data in base64 form with url and load in webview, then you can use this code.

    String url = "";
    String postData = "your_data_you_want_to_post";
    your_wv.postUrl(url, EncodingUtils.getBytes(postData, "BASE64"));

    Hope this helps.