Postman "Self-signed SSL certificates are being blocked"

I'm trying to send a POST request via postman and got below error:

Self-signed SSL certificates are being blocked

I believed I had some error with HTTPS link. Then I tried to turned of *"

SSL certificated verification

"* in Settings > General as the guide already. But it didn't help!!!

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  • answered 2019-04-18 04:15 Hoàng Đặng

    I see the same issue and answers at: this question 47806876

    However, as my question it I couldn't find the right solution to me directly. After 1 hour of checking I found that the error doesn't regard anything to SSL certificates and HTTPS!!!

    The error due to and ugly mistake with:

    • Some spaces in parameter "mykey ", see picture:

    SPACES in myKey parameter

    I fixed it by removing the "SPACES" then it work normally. The point here I think it is a BUG in Postman, that need to be fix. Means Postman should rise the correct error here, to save us hours of testing.

    NOTE: I can't put my answer directly to Question 47806876 due to my ugly low reputation. So I have to create a new and similar question here!!!