How to prefill voyager BREAD form with currently logged in user?

[SOLVED] I have a simple listing in my laravel 5.7 project,and used voyager to manage its data. and i want to make a fully working created_by and last_edit_by BREAD table but still have no idea to get the currently logged in user.

i currently using custom views(resources/views/vendor/voyager) with copy-pasted original codes,but still using original VoyagerBreadController.php with some additional import.


namespace App\Http\Controllers;

use Illuminate\Http\Request;
use Illuminate\Auth\AuthManager;
use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Auth;
use Auth\Illuminate\Foundation\Auth\AuthenticatesUsers;
use App\Wisata;
use App\User;

namespace App\Http\Controllers\Voyager;

use TCG\Voyager\Http\Controllers\VoyagerBreadController as BaseVoyagerBreadController;

class VoyagerBreadController extends BaseVoyagerBreadController

and able to do this on my custom view

//get currently logged user
  $currentUser = Auth::user()->nama;

//printed output(for testing)

and it works!,so i tried to set the BREAD option like this

    "default" : "{{$currentUser}}"

however,unlike my custom views it doesn't returned the $currentUser value,just plain {{$currentUser}} in my tables.

please help me to make a fully functional created_by and last_edit_by table.

notes: im open to use any packages.

EDIT : it's solved by duplicating the form just below the real dynamic form in my custom view(edit-add.blade.php),make a hidden type created_by & last_edited_by table & keep the BREAD option empty. and you can still adjust the visiblity without any problems.

//created_by form
<div class="form-group hidden  col-md-12 "><input type="hidden" class="form-control" name="created_by" placeholder="Created By" value="{{$currentUser}}"></div>
//last_edited_by form
<div class="form-group hidden  col-md-12 "><input type="hidden" class="form-control" name="last_edited_by" placeholder="Last Edited By" value="{{$currentUser}}"></div>

anyway , i still would be very thankful if someone give more efficient solution :)