Invalid cell high when using multiple sheets in JasperReport

I use Jasperreport 5.6.0 . I create one main file contains multiple subreports. Each subreport is in separate sheet. I export it to xls. Problem is when one of sheet (lets say SHEET1) contains any data ( for example 5 rows). For another empty sheet (lets sey SHEET2) high of firt row are stretched to number of rows from SHEET1.

In other words:

    Lets assume that cell has high 20 pixels.
    -SHEET1 contains 5 rows ( 5 x 20 pixels of high = 100 px) 
    -SHEET2 has not rows -> problem: first row has high 100 px
    -SHEET3 has 1 rows -> problem: second row has high (100px - 20 px) = 80 px