tomcat connection pool with grails 3

how can i check tomcat really has overtaken this defined properties out of my application.yml?

i got those properties and i want to check in on our production server

            driverClassName: org.postgresql.Driver     
            username: xxxx
            password: xxxx         
            dbCreate: update
            url: jdbc:postgresql://xxxx/xxxx
            pooled: true
                maxActive: -1 #infinitely
                minEvictableIdleTimeMillis: 1800000 
                maxIdle: 50              
                numTestsPerEvictionRun: 3
                testOnBorrow: true
                testWhileIdle: true
                testOnReturn: true
                validationQuery: SELECT 1

so is there a tomcat command which shows running applications with their pool or anything like that? Thanks in advance!