See "Console SHUTDOWN event signaled" in Tomcat commons-daemon.log and Tomcat service stopped

I'm facing an issue with Tomcat unexpected stopped. I saw the log entry in common-daemons.log showing an entry "Console SHUTDOWN event signaled" and then Tomcat service stopped.

I'm not quite familiar with Commons Daemon. May I ask for any insight what action can possible trigger this logging and then stop the services

Many thanks

[2019-04-22 00:13:49] [info]  [1344] Commons Daemon procrun ( 64-bit) started
[2019-04-22 00:13:49] [info]  [1344] Running 'Tomcat8' Service...
[2019-04-22 00:13:49] [info]  [5712] Starting service...
[2019-04-22 00:13:52] [info]  [5712] Service started in 3590 ms.
[2019-05-19 02:06:23] [info]  [4524] Console SHUTDOWN event signaled
[2019-05-19 02:06:23] [info]  [4524] Stopping service...
[2019-05-19 02:06:24] [info]  [4524] Service stop thread completed.