Is it possible to obtain the shape of an IRL object from the slam algorithm to hide 3D objects?

I want to do some test with the AR in Unity, so my idea is to use the ground plane detection of the arcore to instantiate a ring. The ring is made of segments and I want to use an obstacle between the camera and some segment to hide these segments.

enter image description here

I have thought to use the slam to get the shape of the obstacle and use the coordinates to hide (disable or change shader/material) or not the segments behind the obstacle.

I do some researches about Vuforia and I know they use the slam but it does not seem that we can access the shape directly from Vuforia so I thought to use the arcore directly. I think it may be done with spatial mapping.

Because I am not very experienced I prefer to ask about the possibility to do it and if I am in the good way.

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  • answered 2019-06-12 09:00 nrs

    If I understand correctly, the term you are looking for should be "Occlusion Management". Vuforia. There is a sample package in the asset store, but I don't know how much value it can offer to your cause. Look here

    You could as well take a manual approach and integrate your obstacle as Image- or Model-Target, so that you can simply use a virtual replica of your obstacle that hides everything behind it. This however means that your obstacle would have to be always the same object, so I am not sure if this approach is suited for your needs. But this would be the easiest and cleanest way imho.

    You can find many tips to get around occlusion problems here