Chained ajax select2 behaviour when updating data in CRUD

I have 2 chained select2 (using latest version) select fields for province/city entities in a CRUD person info module I'm developing.

When adding a record to the database, the "AddForm" that contains these 2 chained boxes, work perfectly. When choosing one option in first select2, the other updates, both with ajax.

But: When updating a record, I need to initialize both chained ajax select2 fields with the correct options selected previously.

For the first chained select2, I've manually added the option tag that should be selected by default, and this is working fine.

<option value="<?php echo $data->municipio_id; ?>" selected="selected"><?php echo $data->name; ?></option>

But when doing this for the second select2 "it works", but this select always have one option created because the first select2 didn't change selected item

How can I force a change event for the first select2 (just after loading its items) so it automatically loads the correct options for the 2nd. select2 ?