How to put datetime in logfile with forever node

I need to know at what point the request was made to measure the times.

Search everywhere but I did not find a way to add the date to the log.

This is the way the log shows the requests

GET /api/user/getSessionsByDate 200 253.230 ms - -
POST /api/schedule/getDate 200 162.697 ms - -

I need to show the datetime as I show below

2019-01-01T15:03:01 GET /api/user/getSessionsByDate 200 253.230 ms - -
2019-01-01T15:03:01 POST /api/schedule/getDate 200 162.697 ms - -

I need to do its to have the time that each request was made in the log archive. For example in this log I need to include the time on each row for the file "distribution.log "

  uid                forever pid   id      logfile                                 

distribution-prod   10428   11531    /distr/.forever/distribution.log